Friday, March 26, 2010

Health Care Debacle

Hey, so you’ve probably heard about this crummy Heath Care Bill that passed through the House of Representatives. [219 Yes votes (219 Democrats, 0 Republicans) to 212 No votes (34 Democrats, 178 Republicans)] To speak in terms of my own enragement at the bill, specifically referring to how it was passed and the lack of integrity of those who carried it out, only begins to touch on my unhappiness at its passage. I don’t know where to start. The lies and deception or my rage and disgust?

I’ll go with lies and deception:

Lies: ‘Deficit neutral’ the health care bill has been called. Only way you can call this thing deficit neutral is by placing that term in quotation marks and adding a ‘nudge nudge wink wink.’ More people covered, better coverage being received, a disregard for underwriting guidelines, and all for less money?! We’re being told that there’s more demand with no increase in supply, yet it’ll cost less? That defies the most basic of economics lessons. Sounds like research that can only be accomplished based on a government-supported model. It couldn’t be a private industry model, because its models actually need to be viable lest the business implementing and relying on such a flawed study would go out of business. Government models are not so encumbered by such an inconvenience as working oneself into a deficit without the possibility of extinction.

Deception: The House passed this major piece of legislation outside the parameters of regular protocol because there wasn’t enough support for this steaming pile of garbage. Reconciliation, it was called. We have come to know this term only because the intended procedure for creating legislation was breached so boldly.

Backdoor deals: It disgusts me how a No vote can be so easily amended to Yes with the free flowing pork. The obesely abundant pork offerings. More like tainted tripe, this pork. It disgusts me further that the bloated stimulus money is being used to fund this abomination. Stimulus money was not intended to grease palms.

My concerns about the Health Care Bill:
It is not sustainable. There isn’t enough money available to fund all the entitlements and goodies being promised. All the new fund raising, read ‘taxation’, needed to keep this thing afloat will be another lead-weighted shackle working against a U.S. economic rebound in the near and not too near future.

How can health insurers provide coverage for preexisting conditions without increasing rates as is being required by governmental mandate? Example: Imagine a Homeowners policy with the same rule in effect. An uninsured home burns to the ground. The homeowner would need only buy a Homeowner policy after the fire and with no ability to decline an application due to the preexisting fire damage, the homeowner would now have insurance coverage in place to rebuild the home. Not only is there no profit in that, there’s no breaking even. How can health insurers be expected to stay in business? Or is this the scheme by which the private insurance option is later to be phased out in favor of the public option?

The sad reality is that this Bill that was unceremoniously thrust upon us is here to stay. Even if November should yield large Republican gains in the House and Senate there is no cleaning up this mess. I hope I’m wrong, but Republicans have no gumption. Repeal is out of the question due to the 2/3 vote requirement to overpower a Presidential veto. Plus as recent as the Bush years when they enjoyed majorities, they’ve proven to have no appetite for hard fought battles. They’re too quick to cower and backpedal at angry words rather than standing up and fighting for what’s right. I expect November gains for Republicans followed by their boisterous speeches with chests puffed out and wild celebratory gesticulating. They will then sit back with feet on desks basking in the glow of electoral victory with no intent for remedial action. But maybe I’m wrong.

Meanwhile I stew in the disgust of Barack and Joe’s ‘big f---ing deal’.