Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Year End Thoughts

·       What’s up with wacky Warren Buffet publicly advocating for higher taxes while his business is in a $1,000,000,000 scuffle with the IRS over taxes owed?

·       People who don’t pick up after their dog are crummy.

·       Separation of church and state simply meant that there would be no Church of America in the ilk of The Church of England. It does not mean Christmas trees should be banned from public buildings.

·       Gratuitous use of foul language in every day conversation. Stop the clutter. If you have something to say, make it worth hearing.

·       What’s up with Hollywood celebrities overwhelmingly advocating for higher taxes while their actions betray their words? High tax-state California, and Los Angeles County specifically – host to expensive local taxes, have been losing much movie production business over the last few years to other states and Canada. Reason? They’re being lured by offers of favorable tax treatment they can’t get in California.

·       ‘Right-to-work’ laws, having recently been signed into law in Michigan, now exist in 24 states. Right-to-work makes paying union dues optional instead of compulsory in unionized workplaces. It’s the kind of thing that may make a state more attractive to business and maybe spark an influx of jobs. Sure would be swell if California would join in a reasonable pro-business position.

·       One should not inflict their bad moods onto others. Stew quietly in your own juices and then return to humanity in better spirits.

·       Prison inmates in California have been released early due to prison overcrowding since 2010. In some cases the early release inmates have killed again. I’m disappointed there was no discussion for going the other way on the overcrowding issue. Instead of letting inmates out, the first option should have been to ‘zero out’ death row to make more room.

·       The Fiscal cliff. At this point I want to go off this proverbial cliff. That may be the only way the citizens will have to pay for what they voted into office.

·       Big ups to Wife Klem for keeping Santa Claus alive for our kids for another year. Christmas Eve presents are from mommy, daddy, and maternal family while Christmas day presents are from paternal family. But Christmas morning presents are from Santa Claus. Wonder how long we’ll be able to keep this going.

Merry Christmas!