Thursday, March 16, 2017

‘How do you like President Trump?’

We’re living in volatile times where calm, reasoned political discourse has become an anomaly. When such a question as above is posed the proverbial trigger warnings should flash in your head. For me, I like our president about as much as I like a sack of snakes. But the more properly worded question is ‘How do you like the policies of the Trump Administration,’ not so much the man himself. Certainly the administration has appeared clumsy, disorganized, cantankerous and factually inept at times. The setting is ripe for a subsequent question, ‘What do you think of Hillary now?’

Look, if I disagree with a politician 90% of the time, the fact that they’d be more proficient at holding a press conference would be no consolation. On the other hand, if I agree with a politician 70% of the time I’ll begrudgingly endure the press conferences that look more akin to a professional wrestling post-match interview.

The reactions of the hordes to Trump are regrettable what with the relentless marching [I concede their admirable gumption] and protests. If a person chooses to be offended at every farcical motion of the Trump Administration then they’re a hysteric. Similarly, if a person agrees with every action of the president then they would seem to be a non-thinking beast simply accepting their team’s talking points. Either way both personifications are operating in absence of reason and judgment.

So then, what do I think of the Trump Administration? I mostly agree with their policies, yet I definitely want our highest official to stop with the Executive Orders. Conservatives didn’t like it when President Obama pushed out Executive Orders like coasters at a pub during happy hour, and it’s entirely understandable President Trump would get similar push back from opposing forces.

As far as I’m concerned, there is almost nothing the government can provide for me that is made better if it is expedited. Stop with the Executive Orders and let this stuff take the long way through the House and Senate. Sure, I know, Trump owns all three branches of government why not push everything through? I prefer a more complete vetting before the president’s instructions go live. It’s important for the American people to see both political teams work together to find common ground and lay down bipartisan work. Executive Orders disallow this opportunity and foster a bountiful amount of resentment. The congressional process is necessary to let these bills see the light of day. I don’t want anyone to be able to hide their bilge behind the unilateral act of our president. Make the elected officials stand up and explain what they stand for.

We need to be able to agree or disagree without each Trump challenge being praised as if it were a gallant act of defiance. Reasonable adults should be able to disagree without prancing around for high fives and validation. Let’s strive to be those reasonable adults and discuss our positions without the self-important gesticulating. And Mr. President, put down the Twitter, sir!