Thursday, September 29, 2011

An Epic Saturday

Team Klem had an exciting Saturday this weekend past. Every member of the team had something to be pumped up about.

1) The day started with a local Family Health themed 5k run followed by a 1 mile walk/run. This event had Wife Klem pumped, she was running the 5k. Running visibly brightens her spirits when it’s her against the road. She acted as the catalyst in getting the family signed into participation.

After a short respite the family 1-mile run/walk got underway. I was planning to fulfill my mile obligation by walking, but at the onset both Klem kids started running! It was a small crowd so we were not concerned about losing either animal, for me it merely meant that I was now going to have to increase my pace until this ‘running with the crowd’ novelty wore off. I was not initially alarmed because I figured the kids couldn’t possibly run a whole mile, but after a short walking stint in the middle, daughter Klem bolted again. ‘Here I go,’ I thought to myself. Down the home stretch she even accelerated her pace and was pulling away from me! I really liked that. Not that I was now running instead of my preferred easy jog, but the fact that the kid was so energetic. This was awesome!

Wife Klem and I have concluded that the boy’s track event may be the 1/2-mile, as he held a significant lead over us at the 1/2-mile mark, and the girl’s event might be the mile. She was the first Klem to cross the finish line.

2) Neatly wedged in between the 5k and the 1-mile events was a ‘healthy breakfast’ that was made available to the participants. With some concern I thought that ‘healthy’ was code for ‘meatless,’ but the breakfast was included in the entrance fee so I was going to make the best of the offering and gorge on whatever was being served. But I was pumped to find that ‘healthy’ and ‘meat’ could find room to cohabitate. The menu included a crescent sandwich with cheese, sausage patty, and eggs (it sat in my belly like a half-serving size of a bowling ball, but there was no limit so I ate three of them), oatmeal (I added chocolate chips and dried cranberries, but it was still oatmeal), juice, and a banana. It was not delicious, so I made up for that deficiency by engulfing a large quantity of it.

3) The girl has been pumped about the rapidly approaching Halloween season. She’d been asking these last few days if we could get the orange bin out of the garage, this vaunted orange bin houses the Halloween decorations. Saturday afternoon, at the consent of Wife Klem, the desired bin entered the house and the contents were rummaged, to her delight, and Halloween decorating commenced!

4) The boy was pumped about Independence Day. Not the 4th of July Independence, but the film from 1996 starring Will Smith. I’ve mentioned previously about the boy’s interest in outer space and aliens. After dinner we went to the big bed upstairs and watched the aliens attack earth and try to take over. [Spoiler alert: Humanity was not eliminated.] It’s not a great film, but it sure was fun watching with my guy. Next weekend we plan to watch War of the Worlds from 2005 starring Tom Cruise.

Life is a pretty good time.