Monday, May 30, 2016


1) Hair. As I get older this silly stuff is much less important than during my youthful years.

2) My choice of super power, if I had such a choice? Never having to sleep and being entirely without detrimental side effects of tiredness. Not sure what I’d do with all that extra time, but hopefully something at least a little productive.

3) If you want to be interesting, it is necessary to be interested in something.

4) Tobacco. I’m in favor of people and their free will to knock back a few cancer sticks if wanted, I’m entirely pro choice in that regard. My beef, however, is the litterbugging. Smoke if you want, but don’t toss your butt on the ground.

5) Cookies, because you want them, not because you need them. Vegetables? Because you need them.

6) Do something, don’t just be something. Happiness is attained in the journey to doing something, not in the destination.

7) The ways in which a person spends their time reveals what’s important to them [i.e., important enough to pull me away from my plastic screen]. I admittedly have work to do in this area.

8) Have a problem? Seek resolution to that problem so you may move on. Don’t clog up your days worrying and aggravating. Solve it, then go forth unhindered.

9) I was absolutely invincible in my teens and 20s. What I failed to acknowledge at that time was how ‘vincible’ I would become as I navigated my 40s.

10) Happiness. With few exceptions, each person is responsible for their own happiness. Get happy and stay there, it’s a better existence.