Friday, May 21, 2010

Sports cards, I’m all in.

I’ve been amusing myself the last few months with sports cards. It’s a hobby I’ve recently revisited after a break of many years. I collected cards as a youngster in the mid ‘70s and my interests were reinvigorated when I leafed through my old collection late last year and put the better cards in protective sleeves.

I struggled internally with this card collecting hobby because I’ve never been one for amassing possessions, especially those ranking in on equal ground as knick knacks, pretty glass menageries, and dust collectors of this ilk. So this compulsion to collect cards is contrary to my existence, like petting a dog opposite to the lie of its fur or walking to the mailbox in my socks. I felt like I were partaking of a behavior that should best remain unspoken lest I be embarrassed or somehow tainted. Collecting for the sake of amassing and having, no practical application, simply acquiring. I have since come to terms with my harmless vice and embraced the prospect of a heartily issued teasing. Such abuses would be greeted with a guilty smile and an acknowledging head nod.

There’s a dime bin at the local card shop where cards can be had for a dime each. I rummage through the bin on occasion and have pulled a number of premier players, though not necessarily premier cards like rookie cards and those with autographs which are the most sought after and higher valued cards. The pleasure of riffling through the cards is immense, pulling good cards out from the general population, sorting, estimating worth, and generally enjoying the difference in variety of cards. During an enthusiastic riffling there’s no thought of state and federal budget woes, the mind is free of work hassles, and other weighty bothers. It’s just cards and I’m ten years old again for those 15 minutes.

The store clerk mentioned one time that I could have a box of 3,000 cards for $30. A few weeks ago I broke down, went $30 deep into my wallet, bought one, and was pleased. There was, as one could imagine, some landfill or garbage cards amongst those 3,000, but at a penny per card I’m overall very pleased with the lot. I’d like to buy subsequent boxes of 3,000 cards as well as specific singles and rookie cards, but I’m staying within a budget. But, you know, if I could sell some cards on eBay I bet I can justify the acquisition of more cards.

Meanwhile, if you need me, I’ll be hovering over the dime bin at the local shop.